Lato Boutique Hotel

Lato Boutique Hotel in Heraklion Crete welcomes its guests offering all-round exquisite quality services and premises, with exceptional expertise and authentic Cretan hospitality. Fully refurbished during 2011-2012, our hotel has been operating for 35 years, and responds to the expectations of its guests and completely fulfills their needs.

The geographical location of Lato Boutique Hotel is rather exquisite and unique. It is found right across the old harbour of the city offering guests unlimited views to the Venetian fortress and the endless blue of the Cretan Sea. Located in one of the most beautiful and serene neighborhoods in the centre of the old city of Heraklion, on its feet lies the central market and beats the heart of the city’s social life.

Lato Boutique Hotel
15 Epimenidou Street
71202 Heraklion, Crete, Greece