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Kick-off Meeting

Brussels, Belgium

8 November 2012

During this meeting, the Head of the C4 Unit welcomed the project beneficiaries and the EC officer presented the financial rules of the programme to the project beneficiaries. The project aims, tasks and timeframe as well as a draft version of the consortium agreement were discussed.

A. Morandi (Italy), M. Papadakaki (Greece), D. Otte (Germany), A.E. Ameli (EC officer) and S. Lindahl (EC officer)

A. Morandi (Italy), M. Papadakaki (Greece), D. Otte (Germany), A.E. Ameli (EC officer) and S. Lindahl (EC officer)


Consensus Meetings

Heraklion, Crete, Greece

March-May 2013

Preparatory meetings were held with the hospital authorities (hospital directors and Intensive Care Unit Directors) and the staff in the participating hospitals within March and May 2013. These meetings served the needs of establishing a common understanding of the study aims and objectives as well as the data collection process. Informative material on the European project as well as the study questionnaires were delivered to hospital authorities for their information.

  • University General Hospital of Heraklion (PAGNI)



Consortium Meetings

Pavia, Italy

7-8 November 2013

  • J. Chliaoutakis, G. Tzamalouka, M. Papadakaki, O. Ferraro, A. Morandi, C. Orsi and M. von der Geest



Consortium Meetings within COST Action TU1101

Finland, France, Greece, Portugal


  • A. Morandi, C. Orsi, D. Otte and G. Tzamalouka (Finland, 17-18/06/2013)



Consortium Meetings

Nafplio, Greece

4-5 August 2014

  • A. Morandi, G. Tzamalouka, D. Otte, M. von der Geest, M. Papadakaki and C. Orsi



25th annual Art and Science of Health Promotion Conference

San Diego, California, USA

30 March-3 April 2015

Conference - San Diego USA



Workshop: Itineraries of life

Conference Room, TEI of Crete, Heraklion, Greece

29 April 2015



International Conference: Road Safety & Simulation

Orlando, Florida, USA

6-8 October 2015



International Conference: Road Injury Trauma & Rehabilitation

Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Heraklion, Crete, Greece

22-23 October 2015