Training Courses

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During the conference the following training courses will take place.

Each of the training courses will have three-hour duration.

“Basic Life Support (BLS) on Infants and Children”

The seminar is addressed to medical students, nursing students and professionals as well.

“How prevention reduces the cases of road traffic incidences: The concept of Pre-Hospital management of the injured”

The course is addressed to people who wish to learn how to treat road traffic crashes victims before paramedic’s crew intervention.

“Diagnosis and treatment approach of the neuropsychological and mental consequences on trauma”

The course is addressed to students and mental health professionals engaging in the community.


Monday – Friday, 10:00-13:00

(For participation in the above seminars, timely registration is required. No financial contribution is required. Order of priority will be respected. Applicants should address their application to the contact person’s details appearing on each application form.)