Anna Morandi

MorandiCoordinator of the Centre for Studies and Research on Road Safety (CIRSS), University of Pavia. Member of the Italian Society of Medical Statistics and Clinical Epidemiology (SISMEC). Consultant for services in the field of Community statistics for the European Commission – Eurostat (directive 92/50/EEC). Member of the Management Committee of European research projects on road accidents (MAIDS, ETAC, PROHELM, COST Actions). Coordinator at the University of Pavia of ESF courses and advanced courses in “Analysis and reconstruction of road accidents” and “Proper management of the roads and road signs”. Coordinator of didactic modules about different road accidents issues (road accident epidemiology, accident reconstruction; identification of risk factors, etc.) to train and update experts on road safety. Coordinator of International Summer School for the training of experts in road accident analysis and road accident reconstruction.

Referee for international journals.

Speaker in several conferences about road safety and author of scientific papers, monographs, research reports and conference papers.