Dietmar Otte

OtteProfessor Dietmar Otte studied automotive engineering at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences and at the Technical University of Berlin. From 1977 until 1983, he had been working as a scientific assistant at the Technical University of Berlin, Institute of Automotive Engineering. Since 1984, he has been the technical manager of the Accident Research Unit at the Medical University of Hannover.

2000: professorship at the University of Applied Sciences – HTW Berlin on accident research, reconstruction and biomechanics. He is well-known expert for his accident research and interdisciplinary medical and technical expertises.

Professor Otte is also a member of many scientific associations, i.e. SAE, AAAM, IRCOBI and ICRASH.

In 1982, he was awarded the German Award of Safety in Traffic by the Federal Minister of Traffic. In 1996, he received an award for Engineering Excellence in Traffic Safety by the United States Department of Transportation and in 2000, he got the highly honoured German award “Dieselring”. His scientific work includes contributions in more than 300 publications and 13 books worldwide.