Ottavia E. Ferraro

FerraroOttavia E. Ferraro holds a Master of Science in Biostatistics and Experimental Statistics from the University of Milan – Bicocca. Since July 2012 she has been collaborating with the Centre for Studies and Research on Road Safety (CIRSS) at the University of Pavia pursuing research in road safety and epidemiology of road accidents.

She is a member of the Italian group of European studies on road safety: “Rehabil-Aid – Reducing the Arm and the Burden of Injuries and Loss Caused by human road traffic crashes and Addressing Injury Demands through effective interventions”, funded by the Directorate General for Mobility and Transport European Commission; “COST Action TUI1101 – Towards safer bicycling through optimization of bicycle helmets and usage” supported by the European Science Foundation.

She analyses statistical-epidemiological databases from studies in road safety at Italian and European level, both current or ad hoc data: GIDAS (German In-Depth, Accident Study), current data on accidents in the area of Milan and Pavia. In these years she attended several epidemiological and road safety conferences and helped with her participation in summer school on road accident held in Pavia (May, 2013). Lastly, she collaborates in writing scientific reports and publications.